F-Bass BNF-5

F-Bass BNF-5, beautiful flamed ash body with flamed maple center taper/ exhibition grade koa top, 5 piece flamed maple neck/ lined fretless ebony fingerboard, matching headstock and heel, F Bass deluxe gig case. 10 pounds, 7.1 ounces

List $8199. Please call for quote.


MTD 635-24 German poplar burl top/ makore body, maple neck/ ebony fingerboard

MTD 635-24 German poplar burl top/ makore body, maple neck/ ebony fingerboard, matching peghead veneer and truss rod cover, matching wooden knobs, MTD custom case. List $7430 Call for selling price.


MTD 635-24 walnut/ Macassar ebony, flamed ash/thru neck, Macassar ebony fingerboard

MTD 635-24 walnut body/ Macassar ebony top wings, flamed ash “thru neck” with contrasting stringers/ Macassar ebony fingerboard (this is a piece of Macassar ebony from M.T.‘s old stock, and is extremely stable), bone nut, flamed ash truss rod cover with “piece of bullet” (the bullet was lodged in the ash tree, and when the board was milled this unique feature imparted a degree of uniqueness and “story” for which we all appreciate Michael), body matching wooden control knobs, MTD “the World” logo, Hipshot A style bridge.

To state that this MTD 635 is a lot of “eye candy” would be a gross understatement. To state that this 635 plays and sounds like “God’s bass… if God were a bassist” would be a greater understatement.

Not for the faint of heart, this 11 pound, 0 ounce investment grade instrument is capable of supreme subtlety, micro dynamics, and nuance while capable of thunderous and unmatched solidity.

Diametric opposites… highly responsive to your playing technique, touch, and muse. Instruments capable of delivering this degree of the ends (and in between) of a very wide “continuum” are very rare.

This is one of the most effortless sixes to play with one of the most comfortable and masterfully carved necks.

If you’ve ever dreamed of performance standards and mastery in an instrument equally capable of excelling whether you play chordal passages, lyrical soloing, thumping and plucking out the groove or delivering powerfully broad and ultra solid lines, then this is a must consider.

List $12,000. Selling price $9,600.

Please contact us for details.